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How did i get into 3D printing?

My first experience of 3D Printing was using a Da Vinci XYZ Jr Pro, and whilst it quickly became obvious that this was going to be a hobby that would really stick with me I found it very restricting so having seen rave reviews I decided to buy a Creality CR-10, and as it seemed to be widely accepted that to get the best out of the printer you needed to use Simplify 3D (S3D), I bought that too. Whilst I waited for the printer to arrive in the UK on the proverbial slow boat from China I decided to start familiarising myself with S3D, I was very soon hooked!


So what is it that really floats my 3D Printed benchy?

Unsurprisingly Filament is right up there, I love trying all types of different materials and understanding how to make them perform for me. I've been very lucky to have been asked to print with a number of pre-release filaments and on occasion have been able to influence changes in those materials before release and these cases make me really proud to have contributed.


Then, of course, there is the community side of things, the 3D Printing community is generally supportive and inclusive and I really get a kick out of sharing my experiences and the knowledge I have gained with the community whilst obviously still learning new things myself each and every day from the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced people that I have met along my journey to date, many of whom I'm very happy to be able to now call friends. The real pay off for the community though, and for myself as a member of that community,is through these shared experiences and the lessons that we learn together, that we all grow further still.

Lastly there is the process itself, the process of taking a new printer or a new material type and getting to the point that I can turn out what I would consider to be good quality prints, this does include tuning the hardware in some cases but that isn't the part that excites me most, that would be the creation of a slicer profile that allows the printer in question to consistently produce the desired standards of quality. I am at my happiest when I'm deep in that process, testing, tuning and finely honing the settings. My weapon of choice WAS Simplify 3D but Im looking into other slicers to replace them.

What are your aims and goals in 3D printing?

I don't have any lofty ambitions in respect to 3D Printing, I would however like to keep on being an active part of the amazing journey that our wonderful community is on. I've really enjoyed the reaction to #WaveyWednesday by Fernando Jerez, and being part of community focused projects like that and the Fernando Jerez Spore collection is really appealing to me. Reaching milestones for Followers is definitely inspiring as it enables even wider adoption of............. #ShareLearnGrow